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Nov '09

New York

We went to New York and rode the subway to go to FAO smortz and we got frisbeas and candy!  FOA smortz is the biggest toy store in the world.  Next we went to Ground Zero.  That is wher the twin towers or the world trade centes wer.  Thay are also billding a nother tower cald fredam tower right wear the twin towers were standing.  Then we went to top of the rock wher they do the news.  we went to the top and saw the Empire state Billding.  It was fun!



9 comments to “New York”

  1. Laurie P Says:

    Spencer! WOW! What an awesome lot of pictures! SO cool! I noticed one on your mom’s blog of you at the Vietnam war memorial. Julian is reading a book about that right now. I noticed that you were making an rubbing of a name. It would be SO great if you could bring that back to share! He is still asleep right now, but I can’t wait to show him all your pictures when he gets up!
    He’ll want to write back I’m sure. We miss you guys around here!
    Talk to you soon,
    Laurie P

  2. Lisa Osgood Says:

    That Lego store seemed super cool. Looks like you guys are seeing some awesome places!

  3. Mom's friend, Debi Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE FAO Schwartz!!! ONE of my FAVOITES!!! So glad you had so much fun!!!

  4. Mom's friend, Alisha Says:

    Okay, not going to lie … Lego Chewbacca, one of the coolest things I have ever seen. :)

  5. Sara L. Says:

    What’s the story with the Muppets? Awesome!

  6. Hanks Cousins Says:

    Wow, looks like yall are having a blast!
    We miss you so much!
    Love you!

  7. cade b. Says:

    is that a chewbocca?

  8. cade b. Says:

    is that a LEGO Chewbocca?

  9. Megan iannone Says:

    Hi. Don”t you love New York. Keygan reely missis you. Love from me & Keygan.