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Oct '09

Eye of the Tiger


7 comments to “Eye of the Tiger”

  1. Aunt Winnie Says:

    You two are the rocking-est rockers who ever rocked!!

  2. Godaddy Says:

    Axel and Piper,

    I just got a tweet from Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. He wants you two in his new band!!!!!!!!! It will be called the Rolling Homes. You will give Drive Through concerts and all your fans will chase you in Volkswagen buses. Aunt Winnie and Uncle Paul and Aoife will be your bodyguards and their VW bus will have a bazooka on top and will be able to giant balls of spaghetti if someone tries to take your picture. Piper, you will be on air drums and Spencer will play air piano. Axel will play all the other instruments and sing. Mick Jagger will lip sync because his lips are bigger than his head. Keep playing that great song – at least 50 times each day – turn up the volume!!!



  3. Mom's friend, Debi Says:

    Oh boy! I can’t wait until my kids get to play Rock Band with you guys! I’m thinking it will be an AWESOME show!

  4. Mom's friend, Alisha Says:

    WOO HOO! KEEP ON ROCKING KIDS! PS – Love the song!

  5. Aunt SuSu Says:

    That looks like one “Rockin RV”. You put the ” Ram” in the ” Ramalamadingdong” If you keep this up I bet you will be having the girls screaming and crying and wanting your autographs…and you Piper are one swinging chick. What’s the name of your band? Watch out though, someone may be putting your video on You Tube right now and you will be famous and make millions of dollars and then give it to your Aunt SUSU and Uncle Jim. You Rock! I’ll be waiting for the money bag to arrive.

    Aunt SUSU and Uncle Jim

  6. Aunt Dana Says:

    My big brother used to sing, “Eye of the Tiger” but never NEVEr as cool as all that. Whoa.

  7. Grammy Says:

    I miss my grand children!!!

    More deep thoughts needed, Axel and Spencer.

    Hugs, Miss Piper!!