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Oct '09

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

I went to Mawt rushmur.  It wus fun. I saw a teepee.  The 4 presutits are

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Theodore Roosevelt

Abraham Lincoln

the fases were 60 fet tall.  i liked it.

I ulso went to Devls tawr.  The indians said it wus mad by a baer.

Devil's Tower


2 comments to “Mount Rushmore, South Dakota”

  1. Godaddy Says:

    This one made me a little sick. What is all that stuff under the presidents? Did they throw up? Looks like they threw up rocks. Yuck! Also, why does president Washington have a rocket flying out of his head? Was he upset? I think swine flew out of him. Now I bet the other presidents will get it.

    Axel, is your dad wearing a hat that has a beard connected to it? There is no beard when he takes his hat off. That’s a weird beard. How come there’s no hair connected to your cap? Once you’re six, you can have a beard, so stop shaving.


    Godaddy PS – Don’t tell the Indidans, but a bear didn’t make the Devil’s Tower. It was made by Oinky, Doinky and Doody from Play Dough. It you touch it, it will fall over – so don’t!!!

  2. Mom's friend, Debi Says:

    That is so cool! I want to go there so bad!!!