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Oct '09

Ustureea (aka Astoria)

I went to ustereea, orgein.  I ran down the hil.  ther wus a viteor ckad.

*translation:  I went to Astoria, OR.  I ran down the hill.  There was a video arcade.


7 comments to “Ustureea (aka Astoria)”

  1. G-Ma Says:

    I like this video of you running down the street and disappearing!! That is some run! I would have passed out at the end of the first block and would have required help from Tweety Bird.
    Well, keep running.
    Maybe one day you will run across the whole country.

  2. Aunt Winnie Says:

    Dear Axel,

    When Uncle Paul and I went to Astoria we drove up those hills and then we drove down them as fast as we could. Because the van does not have a front, like most cars do, it felt like being on a roller coaster!! But, I’m sure it was not as fun as running down the hill. We could have tried that, but it was POURING rain when we there. I love all your videos!! Keep them coming!
    Aunt Winnie

  3. Terri (mom's friend) Says:

    Please tell me your mommy and daddy drove down that hill to get you and didn’t make you run back up it! OH My! That is some hill! Glad you are having fun on your trip!

  4. Grammy Says:

    Never have seen Axel on air guitar before!

    Nice axe , Ax!

    Miss you Piper and Spence and Axel xoxoxo

  5. Godaddy Says:

    Finally, the speed of light has been broken! Axel, you are faster than a photon. Were you running from that jelly fish? Did you hear there was ice cream at the bottom of the hill? Did your shoes melt? Did your hair turn purple?

    I want to race you when you return home. I’ll be driving my Ferrari and you’ll be running barefoot. The winner gets a wiener. The loser gets a lobster. I don’t have a Ferrari. I lose. Where’s my lobster?


  6. Mom's friend, Debi Says:

    HOLY COW! You sure did run down the hill! GEEZ! I could barely see you! WOW!

  7. Aunt SuSu Says:

    Axel, you are faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, are you sure you are not Superman? If I had tried to run down that hill I bet I would have fallen and rolled into a ball and never ever stopped rolling.I would hope that you could have caught me. Looks like you are having a great time.

    Aunt SuSu