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Oct '09

The Oshin

by Spencer

We went to the Oshin to play.  We didn’t go in the water because it was to cold.  We dug hols like 4 ft and we played ther the whole day.  We made the hols in to houses with deckerechens and chairs, beds, back masagers, bath tub and hide out.  Then the next day we went to the Oshin again and went when the tide was low so we played rilly far out.  Then we had to leave.  We also got to see jelly fish and seals and fish.  I axedently tuched a dead jelly fish and it almost stung me!  We fond bits of it to and then we went to get the bits and they didn’t hurt so we took them home or to the camper!  We had the best time ever and we wish we saw like wals, starfish!  But it was cool to see everything else.


Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

jelly fish

jelly fish

Spencer and Axel


5 comments to “The Oshin”

  1. G-Ma Says:

    Spencer and Axel,
    I love the new look of your blog site. AND hearing about your good time at the ocean. The hole you were digging looked very very deep. Were you digging to China?
    Also, I like your pictures. Can you still hear the ocean in South Dakota?

  2. Aunt Winnie Says:

    Dear Spence and Axel,

    Aoife got your postcard yesterday–she loves it and says “thank you!” We had so much fun at the beach with you!! I’m glad you enjoyed your time here in Oregon. Have fun on your travels and we will see you at G-Ma’s soon!!

    Aunt Winnie

  3. Grammy Says:

    Thanks for the post card, Spencer & Ace!

    Missing you all.

    Lots of love,

    Grammy & Poppy

  4. Godaddy Says:

    Spencer and Axel,

    That is not a jellyfish!!!! It’s a transformer and it’s about to turn into a motor boat that can cut peoples’ hair with it propeller. Whew, you just missed a haircut!

    I just read in the paper that a transformer boat barber went berserk on that very beach right after you left. It went down the street backwards with fish flying out it and the motor turned them into tuna salad, which landed on top of the heads of everyone for 20 miles in all directions. Then it went into a sewer pipe and the pressure made all the toilets in all the houses explode. Finally, it went all the way through the pipe to Parker and now it is sitting in your bathtub.

    I have figured out how your blog works and I will be putting a giant can of whipped cream behind one of the messages. You’ll know which one when you open the blog and that massage blows up in your face. (I’ll bet you guys are going to get Piper to open the messages).



  5. Mom's friend, Debi Says:

    How cool! That looked like quite an awesome fort you dug in the sand. I am very impressed! It must’ve taken a long time to dig. WOW!

    You’re a crazy kid for touching that jellyfish! haha