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Oct '09

USS Blueback

By Spencer

A fue weeks ago we went to OMSI and we went on a the uss blew back and they had a ice cream machine and 85 men and only two showers and one bathroom. and they also had a sergy table and it was also used as their badle planing table.  They even had beds on top of the missls and they also had to leave the lights on always.
They had 6 different kinds of missls.
We had a great time.


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1 Comment » to “USS Blueback”

  1. Godaddy Says:

    OK, what happened here? I was looking at the pretty black fish in the blue aquarium and then some guy turned on the lights and they disappeared. I want the fish back! Let’s eat one of them for dinner. That blue back looks delicious. Spencer, did you catch those fish? What kind of worms did you use? This was a great movie, but where was Nemo? Don’t eat NEMO!!!!!!