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Oct '17

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movement of socially conscious football players who are using pregame demonstrations to raise awareness of black oppression in the United States.

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Nov '09

Washington D.C.


On Nov, the fifth we drove in to Washington D.C.  First we saw the Washington monument.  Then my friends from Colorado came out to visit us!  We got on the metro to the Air and Space museum.  There was the Bell X1 which broke the Sound Barrier.  Then there was the real moon rover, misles, the Wright Brothers plane, jets, rockets and hot air balloon tank.  Then we got back on the Metro and went to the White House.  They had killer dogs and securtiy EVERYWHERE, even on the roof.  Then we got on the Metro to go home.  We also got to sit in the front and saw the driver.  Everytime we would stop, the door would open and close and it would do that for about 5 minutes.  The driver got so mad that she said she would put the train out of order if it didn’t stop.






In the morning we got dressed and found hideouts in construkshin sites.  We had a great time.  Next we went to the Library of Congress and the Capital.  In the Library of Congress it has all my grandmas books in fact it has every book ever published.  The cool thing is that most of it is made out of marble.  Then we went to the Washington Monument and slid across the benches and then Obama’s helicopter flew over us and landed in Obama’s yard.  It came out of no where.  It would have been the coolest thing to watch it when it landed.



The next day we went to the video arcade!  There was all sorts of games.  Then we got on the bus and we saw the Capital from both sides, Vietnam Memorial, Abraham Lincoln Memorial, reflecting pools and FBI building.  One of my favorites was the FBI buildings and my second favorite was the White House because the security guards.






You should go there.  We had a great time!

Nov '09

New York

We went to New York and rode the subway to go to FAO smortz and we got frisbeas and candy!  FOA smortz is the biggest toy store in the world.  Next we went to Ground Zero.  That is wher the twin towers or the world trade centes wer.  Thay are also billding a nother tower cald fredam tower right wear the twin towers were standing.  Then we went to top of the rock wher they do the news.  we went to the top and saw the Empire state Billding.  It was fun!


Oct '09



A few weeks a go we went to Chicago and stayed with my frind Sophe and we played for three days.  We went to the Arbretem witch has mases pads you can jump akras!  and playgrounds.  The coolest thing was the rivers!  The next day we went to the top of the Jon Hand Calk tower and the hershys stor and we got a hersheys bar that had a pitcher of me and my Dad holding it up.

Every night we would sleep in the basement and got up at 5am and played on the wii!  We had a Great time!

Oct '09


I went to Chcogo.  I went to A Lego stor.  Thar ws 10000000 legos.  I went to the Hrches Stur.  I went to Johnandcuf bildeg.  It is the 2nd bigist bildeg in Chcogo.



Oct '09

Eye of the Tiger

Oct '09

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

I went to Mawt rushmur.  It wus fun. I saw a teepee.  The 4 presutits are

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Theodore Roosevelt

Abraham Lincoln

the fases were 60 fet tall.  i liked it.

I ulso went to Devls tawr.  The indians said it wus mad by a baer.

Devil's Tower

Oct '09

Ustureea (aka Astoria)

I went to ustereea, orgein.  I ran down the hil.  ther wus a viteor ckad.

*translation:  I went to Astoria, OR.  I ran down the hill.  There was a video arcade.

Oct '09

The Oshin

by Spencer

We went to the Oshin to play.  We didn’t go in the water because it was to cold.  We dug hols like 4 ft and we played ther the whole day.  We made the hols in to houses with deckerechens and chairs, beds, back masagers, bath tub and hide out.  Then the next day we went to the Oshin again and went when the tide was low so we played rilly far out.  Then we had to leave.  We also got to see jelly fish and seals and fish.  I axedently tuched a dead jelly fish and it almost stung me!  We fond bits of it to and then we went to get the bits and they didn’t hurt so we took them home or to the camper!  We had the best time ever and we wish we saw like wals, starfish!  But it was cool to see everything else.


Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

jelly fish

jelly fish

Spencer and Axel

Oct '09

USS Blueback

By Spencer

A fue weeks ago we went to OMSI and we went on a the uss blew back and they had a ice cream machine and 85 men and only two showers and one bathroom. and they also had a sergy table and it was also used as their badle planing table.  They even had beds on top of the missls and they also had to leave the lights on always.
They had 6 different kinds of missls.
We had a great time.