Pablove Across America 2013

Inspiration out the passenger’s side window.

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Roll away the dew

My 12 year old son just rolled off on his first Courage Classic ride, along side his dad and granddad and uncle. There is nothing that boy loves more than cycling with his dad. As I stand at the start line, Im sure I’m supposed to be overwhelmed with pride (I am) but my default emotion this weekend is angst. Or maybe it’s bitterness, mixed with jealousy and confusion.
I’m watching Spence and Charley ride away but Im seeing Jeff and Pablo. Of course I’m not really seeing Jeff and Pablo because Pablo is dead. I imagine that Jeff would give his kingdom to be on his bike next to his son, just as Charley would give his to see Tuesday, looking up adoring, next to her twin. Some days that big, empty space next to Piper feel so much Bigger.
So on this 5 year anniversary of Tuesday’s diagnosis of cancer, I am going to throw a tantrum. Don’t worry, I’ll fake it when you see me.
Charley will be doing something significantly more pro-active than fit throwing. He will be riding 157 miles in preparation for Pablove Across America.
In October, over Tuesday’s and Piper’s birthday, where only Piper will get to turn 7, Charley,Jeff and 30 others will be riding from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. There will be other cancer dads on this 500 mile ride; those that “Know” and those with a water bottle full of gratitude and another full of guilt. No one comes away from childhood cancer unscathed.
Charley needs your support. I know we are always asking and I know you’re sick of hearing about this shit, but we need you. He has $7,000 to raise.

$1,000 for every month Tuesday endured cancer treatment


$1,000 for every year of life she should be celebrating.

Please help us help Pablove in the search for an end to kids cancer.

peace and love to our friends Jeff and Jo Ann and Grady. See you in October.

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Double down


Oh,yes we did. Doubled our last year’s total.

But it’s not official until Autumn Burke’s slideshow happens. Enjoy. And don’t forget your tissue.

Thank you for being a part of Team Tuesday.

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Team Tuesday take 4

Sequestration? We don’t need no stinkin sequestration! Cutting the paltry amount of funding for childhood cancer research? Well, forget you and forget you too.
We have what it takes to find the cure…


Team Tuesday is back and going bananas! We are sitting at $38,029 at this moment. We are not even close to being done. We are $12,000 higher than last year’s event and a smidge away from $100,000 raised in our 4 years with St. Baldricks. And St. Baldricks raises funds for childhood cancer like a mofo!
Team Tuesday is a group of kids and parents. We are not a big foundation, we don’t have corporate sponsors, we are kids and parents and piggy bank money and donations from grandparents and uncles and aunts and friends and neighbors and we are awesome. This is where you should use the word awesome. Go ahead. AWESOME!









You can help us become one of the top 20 Fundraising teams in the world for St. Baldricks.
Ready? Go!

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Giving Tuesday

Once you have known Suffering, you will recognize Suffering on the street and in the stores and through the screens that show us the pictures of the places that we’re not. Even if you haven’t seen Suffering in a while. Maybe not always, but usually. Suffering! You haven’t changed a bit! You look exactly like I remember you.
If you could hide from Suffering, you would be the best hider in the whole wide world. Sucker! You’ll never find me! But, you can’t hide. Suffering is everywhere. But listen, Suffering has something to tell you, if and when you meet Suffering. If you are brave enough to listen, Suffering will tell that you are not alone. That you are courageous. That you are stitched to all the others that Suffering has known with a yarn that is stronger than something really strong that I can’t think of right now. But it’s really strong.
Once you’ve met Suffering, when you see Suffering out there, you want to go to Suffering and remind Suffering that you know it will keep coming, but that WE will keep coming too. To share the burden of Suffering and to remind those that, even though they may want to, Suffering is not always worth hiding from.

On this November 27, Giving Tuesday, Reach out to Suffering and tell her Tuesday sent you.

Go to to see what we are Giving to.

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